Milk Ice Cream

“Let’s make ice cream!”


That’s basically how Milk Ice Cream Inc. started - We were living in different provinces at the time and during one of our weekly calls, we realized it was time we made our childhood dream a reality. We decided to start our own business and we simply said “let’s make ice cream”! Growing up together as cousins & best friends, we’ve ventured down countless spontaneous routes and we were always in sync. We love ice cream, so why not make our own? It was a sweet epiphany.


When this idea started, one of us was living in Regina, SK. finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Tiffany) while the other was in Calgary, AB., having obtained a B.Ed degree but opting to take over the family diner instead (Anita). We dived into this new and exciting world of handcrafted, premium ice cream as a side hustle. Our family diner, John’s Breakfast & Lunch, became a test lab for all the fun (and sometimes failed) creations - shout out to the fam for helping us with dishes, feeding us, and simply supporting us! We eventually opened up “shop” in spring '19 with a little pop-up, tucked away in John’s Breakfast & Lunch. 


Milk Ice Cream specializes in unique flavours that are fiercely adventurous and nostalgically sweet. 


Our ice cream is handcrafted with care and we take pride in creating unique and adventurous flavours. We find inspiration everywhere - travel, local products, current trends, and just interesting ingredients we come across. A lot of the flavours we create are influenced by our Chinese/Vietnamese roots and by childhood nostalgia. We use real ingredients and collaborate with local businesses whenever we can to bring you fresh and fun ice cream, one small batch at a time.


Two years ago, we started our little passion project as a side hustle and we’re excited to announce we finally have our own lil scoop shop! (look for the pink/blue ice cream cone sign). 


Anita & Tiffany